• What is Desipearl?
    Desipearl is a content marketing platform. We provide sponsored content that you can promote on your website, through a widget, or social pages and earn revenue.
  • What type of ads does Desipearl show?
    We show sponsored content and native ads through various types of widgets. Our widgets can be customised based on website design, niche and language.
  • On what basis does Desipearl pay it's publishers?
    We completely work on the CPC model. We have unbeatable CTR compared to our competitors which makes our product special.
  • How does Desipearl track my traffic?
    We track traffic based on a unique ID given to each publisher. Our reports are from Google Analytics campaigns.
  • How do I check my reports?
    You can check your reports by logging in to your Dashboard>>Reports>>Traffic Report
  • How and when do I get my payments?
    Your earnings will be deposited to the bank account you have provided to us. We pay before 18th of every month.
  • Is there any minimum checkout?
    Yes. You should earn minimum 1100Rs in order to get the payment. We deduct 10% TDS on your total earnings. TDS Certificates will be provided at the end of every Financial Year.
  • How do I register?
    Go to www.desipearl.com/signup, fill all the details and wait for the confirmation. Once your account is approved you will get the guide to add widgets.
  • Why is the report updated at 10 AM everyday?
    We update our report at 10 AM everyday to avoid junk, spam traffic. We are working on generating the report even faster.
  • I have not received my payment even after 18th.
    If you have not received your payment even after 18th, it may due to wrong bank details. To avoid this, give correct bank details, upload your cancelled cheque and pan card copy.
  • I have registered on Desipearl but my account is not active.
    If your account is not active call our support number. Usually we don't approve websites that don't have good rankings.
  • My custom URL or Post Reach data doesn't match with Desipearl report.
    Our reports are based on Google Analytics Sessions. Usually facebook clicks and short urls like bitly track only outgoing links but these clicks do not always gets converted to a session because user might abandon website in between. Our reports are genuine. To avoid discrepancy in reports like this we recommend not to use any short urls.
  • My Facebook clicks are not being tracked in reports.
    Make sure your promoted articles have tracking ID. Sometimes when you are using custom urls tracking ID gets deleted.